FAITH Ramadan Special Appeal

FAITH Ramadan Final Hours Appeal!

GENEROUS WILL MATCH $15,000 from Dhur until Maghrib tonight.

As you know we work in the community, when you give a charitable gift to FAITH, you’re giving people an opportunity to change their children’s lives—and their own lives—for the better.

Many people need support and not all individuals can afford the necessary items and resources to strengthen their families and set their children up for success. We help in the process, by providing: Housing, Clothing, Food, Educational Assistance, Medicine, Counseling and so much more.

Today, your charitable support will be beneficial and will make an impact.

WE NEED TO REACH OUR GOAL in these Final Hours in Ramadan to continue helping our neighbors.

Fidyah ($10/per day missed fast)
Fitrana ($10/per person)

In the Donor Note: you can add "Zakat" or "Sadaqah" or leave it blank.

Ramadan Mubarak!